Attracting Talent Scholarships of the University of Jaen

Attracting Talent Scholarships of the University of Jaen


In the framework of the Strategic Planning of the Vice-Rectorate for Internationalization, and jointly with the Vice-Rectorate for Graduate, Postgraduate and Continuous Training Studies, it has been resolved to convene Scholarships for excellent international students who wish to study a Bachelor or Master Degree at the University of Jaén.


  • To promote internationalization of Bachelor and Master Degrees students from the University of Jaén.
  • To facilitate the access of international students to the Bachelor and Master studies adapted to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).
  • To promote the attraction of excellent students to undergraduate and postgraduate studies of the University of Jaén.


Non-Spanish Students with the High-School or equivalent Diploma, or from non-Spanish Universities who fulfil the academic requirement set out below.


  • Talent scholarship applicants will be subject to the following requirements:
  • Applicants for a Bachelor’s Degree scholarship are required to have completed secondary school or equivalent before the end of July 2016. Applicants for a Master’s Degree scholarship must have acquired the diploma required to access Master.
  • To have a minimum GPA of 7 out of a scale of 10.


  • Applications will be submitted before April 15, 2016 through the online application form available on the University of Jaén web site.
  • Together with the application form, the following documents must be uploaded in pdf format:
  • A copy of the valid passport.
  • A complete transcript of records of the studies completed, with explicit mention of the GPA.


  • Scholarships winners will be determined by the University of Jaén and, if necessary, the corresponding government agencies of the country of origin, from the following criteria:
  • GPA of the required studies to access to the Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees, out of a scale of 10.


  • This will be resolved by means of a Resolution of the Rector of the University of Jaén, and will be announced on the website of the University of Jaén.
  • The winners of a scholarship will receive notification directly via email. Additionally, the list of winners will be published on the web site of the University of Jaén.
  • Besides the list of winners, a waiting list will be elaborated with the aim of covering possible vacancies or resignations throughout the procedure. The management of list of alternates will be held according to the same criteria of selection.
  • Applicants who disagree with this resolution may submit claim within 5 business days at the Student Aid Service (Building C2- Bachiller Pérez de Moya, 1st floor) or by mail to
  • Any complaints will be resolved and notified with the publication of the final list.
  • After the period of claim and, once settled potential claims, the final list of awards scholarships, alternates and excluded will be published.
  • If the selected Bachelor or Master programme does not take place, the scholarship will be able to be employed for an equivalent programme.


  • Prepare a letter accepting the scholarship and its own conditions of award, and send it to University of Jaén.
  • In the case of Bachelor programmes, students must fulfil regulatory requirements.
  • Complete the prescription process to the corresponding  Bachelor or Master, according to the regulations of the UJA and the University Unique District of Andalusia. If necessary, students must present the Diploma required to access that Bachelor or Master program recognized by the Spanish Government.
  • Complete the registration process at the University of Jaén, according to the procedure and regulatory deadlines.
  • Complete all the procedures necessary to obtain the Spanish visa1 and, if so, legalize all documents required for your academic transcript or degree certificate.
  • Hold a private health insurance (sickness/hospitalization), repatriation, accident, travel and civil liability insurance policy covering the whole period of stay in Spain and bring along all the necessary contact details of the corresponding doctor/clinic in Jaén. This insurance policy can be bought through the University of Jaén.
  • Pass at least 90% of the credits enrolled per year.

  • Program : For Bachelors and Master studies
  • Amount : 2,000 USD
  • Deadline Date : Apr 30, 2016
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