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Ireland is the famous and the most preferred destination when it comes to study abroad. In the ancient days, during 6th century Ireland earned a title with respect to education. Study abroad Ireland is a dream for Indian students who wish to pursue high education, enroll in post graduate or master degree programs. Ireland was called “Land of Saints and Scholars”. Ireland was the heart of the learning in the whole European continent. In the year 1592, Trinity College Dublin was awarded with the first University and Charter Status. Towards the end of 18th century, during 1795, two universities were found in Ireland.

High school and graduate study in Ireland has a high reputation, appreciation and great respect for learning. Ireland is ranked the first country in Europe which turned 1000 inhabitants into graduate degree holders. Two-third population in Ireland goes for higher education, beyond basic graduation degree. About 85% population completes high school education.

Being one of the countries with high education ration, Ireland is mostly preferred by international students, from various sectors to purse masters programs or post graduation degrees.


Ireland is a tiny island, located in the North Atlantic Ocean, in Northwestern Europe. The island forms a part of the Eurasian Plate. Island is beautifully surrounded by coastal mountains and has central plains. The western coastal line of Ireland includes cluster of islands, bays, and peninsulas. Living in Ireland or choosing a career after masters program and work in Ireland gives blissful environment. Ireland is filled with rivers and sizeable lakes all over place.

The climate of the Ireland shifts from moist, mild to abundance rainfall every year. Generally, the climate is defined as “oceanic climate” which is ideal for living. There are no extreme climates and mostly people enjoy the warm summers and mild winters.

Travelling :

Public transportation is the primary mode of transport in Ireland. Be it bus or train, whether you are high school student or work in any entity, you get comfortable travel options with public transport.

Getting around Ireland isn’t very difficult. Bus trips are inexpensive. It cost no more than 2 Euro for a round trip to Dublin in Bus. Journeys with longer duration cost no more than 20 Euros.

Similarly, train is equivalently comfortable mode of travel. It costs about 35 Euros for 3 hours train journey, from Dublin to Cork or Galway. However, buses also consume equal amount of time, even at a lower cost.

Ireland is a tiny island and there is no requirement for fancy or luxury transportation services. At the same time, taxis are expensive. Most of the cities are inter-connected and easily found in a walk-able.

Ireland has three international airports, Cork, Shannon and Dublin. Almost a dozen of airlines operate direct flight services that connect Ireland with other European countries. There are quite a few flights operated domestically. However, considering the size of the country and cost, air travel within Ireland can be easily avoided.


Ireland is largely a Christianity based country, based on Baptism. About 75% of population belong to Christianity. However, rest of the population belongs to people in other religion. (Based on 2011 census report)

  • Jews / Judaism – 2000

  • Buddhism – 8000

  • Hindus – 3000

  • Islam – around 50,000

Apart from these, there are certain groups who call themselves new age activities, who doesn’t belong to any community.

Politics and Economy:

Republic of Ireland is one of the members of European Union. In spite of so many political parties in Ireland, the political scene is controlled by two major parties. It elects the head of the country through elections as democratic representative to the country. President of Ireland makes the head of the state. The President exercises most of the powers.

Ireland’s economy is purely dependent on trade, investment and industry, with focuses on high-tech industries. According to a study in the year 2005, Ireland is rewarded as the country with the best quality life, in the whole world. Ireland reached the highest growth, recording the high economic growth rates in the Europe. Low corporation tax, which is levied at 12.5% is the major reason for the economic growth of the country.

Government offer lots of study opportunities to both local and international students. For Indian students,it  gives a great platform to study Post graduation programmes or research studies in an energetic environment. Students can easily have a work-life balance.

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